Job Shadowing

Expand your realm of experience

The Job Shadowing program runs from mid-February to August each year. Hosts may volunteer to participate at any point, but are encouraged to do so before the program officially opens, as most students select their hosts at that time.

How It Works

Sponsored by the Faculty of Information Alumni Association (FIAA), the Job Shadowing program offers current iSchool students an essential opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable insights from current information and museum professionals
  • Form, develop, and cultivate their personal networks and connections
  • Expand their realm of experience

Students sign up to observe a working full- or half-day with an information professional from one of the following areas:

  • Archives/Records Management (view)
  • Critical Information Studies (view)
  • Information Systems & Design (view)
  • Knowledge Management & Information Management (view)
  • Library and Information Science (view)
  • Museum Studies (view)

Once signed up, students are responsible for contacting their hosts to arrange a mutually convenient time for the visit, between February and August. No classes will be held during Reading Week, so students may want to visit during that time.

Usually, about 100 hosts offer almost 200 visits. Students may job shadow locally or out of town. We particularly welcome hosts in the areas above outside of Library and Information Science.

To request more information or volunteer as a host, please contact

  • 2017 Hosts will include