Domestic Student Incoming Awards

iSchool Entrance Awards

The minimum academic requirement for consideration for an iSchool Master’s entrance award is excellence in the admitting undergraduate degree(s).

Candidates must have a performance of A- (3.70/4.0) on either:
– the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), or
– the most recent full year equivalent’s worth of senior level courses (e.g. years 3 & 4 of a 4 year degree).

For each award below, read its complete set of requirements.

  • Open Fellowships (MI & MMSt)

  • Student Assistantships (MI & MMSt)

  • Alumni Fund Scholarship (MI)

  • Dean's Master of Information Scholarship (MI)

  • Grace Buller Aboriginal Student Scholarship (OLA) (MI)

  • H.W. Wilson Foundation Scholarship (MI)

  • Mary Grace McConnell Graduate Scholarship (MI)

  • The 1971 School of Library Science Scholarship (MI)

  • TALInt Program

  • UofT Awards

  • External Awards