Inforum (Library)

What the Inforum can do for you

The Inforum provides specialized and customized academic library services for iSchool students, faculty, staff, while our membership within the larger University of Toronto Library system offers the breadth and depth of resources of the third highest ranked academic library in North America.

What is the Inforum?

The Inforum is the library/learning commons of the Faculty of Information. We bring users, resources, services, technology, and expert staff together in one physical location, as well as many virtual spaces. Known as the Faculty’s community hub, the space is used for social, scholarly, and professional events and pursuits.

We are also part of the 44-branch University of Toronto Library (UTL) system, the 4th highest-ranked academic library in North America.

To visit the Inforum go to our website.

No other information school in Canada has anything like it!

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