Co-op, Internships, Practicums (Work Integrated Learning)

The Careers team assists students with co-op and practicum placements as well as internships.

BI Practicum

All Bachelor of Information students complete a Practicum course for academic credit in the summer between the first and final years of the BI. Students gain invaluable hands-on experience and build their resume with the guiding support of a faculty member. Students work in diverse sectors to complete their 100 hours of practicum work.

MI Co-op Option

The MI program offers a co-op option to qualified students. These students complete two consecutive, full-time and paid co-op work terms for academic credit. They gain professional experience in their field of study as they apply knowledge from their course work to real world situations.

MI Practicum

The Faculty of Information offers two practicum courses to MI students. Enrolled students choose their host organization from the class’s practicum placement list. This choice is made in consultation with the course instructor and a Careers advisor to reflect the student’s best interests and options.

MMSt Internship

Master of Museum Studies studentscan participate in optional internships, developing their skills at museums and heritage institutions across Canada and beyond. During their 10-12 week placements, students apply knowledge gained in courses to various areas of museum practice and engage in hands-on work with museum professionals. The Careers team assists students in selecting internships that will advance their individual career goals and interests.

Interested students are strongly encouraged to apply for a Summer internship, but have the option of a Fall / Winter opportunity as well. Please note students can only complete one internship.

NOTE: MSL3900H (The Emerging Museum Professional), offered in the Fall term, is a pre-requisite for the Summer Internship course.

MI TALint: Toronto Academic Libraries Internship

The Faculty of Information partners with University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) to oversee TALint: the Toronto Academic Libraries Internship. This is an immersive mentoring opportunity designed to provide a guaranteed 15 hours/week of work for the full two years of the MI program (including summers). TALint is not restricted to LIS students. It includes all students interested in careers in academic libraries. The Careers office provides assistance and support to TALint interns.