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Our experts comment on breaking news, trends, and industry developments

Faculty of Information, University of Toronto professors, instructors, and students are often asked to comment on breaking news, trends, and industry developments. Below are links to recent media coverage that they have received for providing expert opinion and research-based information on a wide range of daily issues important to Canadians.

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Museum Studies Student Tonya Sutherland wants to digitally preserve “The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth” (CBC, February 21)

Associate Professor Sara Grimes comments on YouTuber Jake Paul’s new program to teach aspiring online media stars how to make it big (Buzzfeed, February 18)

Assistant Professor Colin Furness discusses the evacuation of Canadians from Wuhan, the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak (CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, February 5)

Associate Professor Patrick Keilty discusses the business, technology and culture of the porn industry (CBC Radio’s Spark, January 31)

Associate Professor Fiorella Foscarini comments on elections in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region (Omni TV, January 25)


Associate Professor Kelly Lyons discusses the fact that while mankind’s knowledge used to double every hundred years, it now doubles every 12 hours. (City, August 17) (An earlier Youtube version is here)

Assistant Professor Olivier St-Cyr discusses how to make Toronto City Hall more user friendly (Toronto Star, August 6)

Assistant Professor Periklis Andritsos comments on data collection and the scary things companies like FaceApp can do with your data (Global News, July 19)

Assistant Professor Olivier St-Cyr suggests a solution to the ongoing Presto problems with the UP Express to Pearson Airport (Toronto Star, February 5)

Professor Emeritus Andrew Clement spoke to CBC’s The National about the Apple glitch that has users disabling their FaceTime apps (CBC, January 29)

Professor Emeritus Andrew Clement weighed in on whether the 10 Year Challenge social media meme could be a plot to harvest users’ data (National Post, January 17)


Associate Professor and Director of the Museum Studies program, Cara Krmpotich, discusses who owns the art, antiquities and cultural artifacts of First Nations (The Agenda with Steve Paikin, December 3)

Assistance Professor and data scientist Periklis Andritsos on the Blue Jays’ new manager’s propensity for analytics and how the practice is likely to grow (City News, October 29)

Shaping Canada’s culinary culture, an exhibit at the Thomas Fisher Library, co-curated by Assistant Professor Irina Mihalache (CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, July 26)

‘Blood on their hands’: Critics decry U.S. decision to allow 3D-printed gun blueprints online: an interview with Associate Professor Matt Ratto (CBC Radio’s The Current, July 18)

Museum Studies students return Toronto’s lost architectural history to downtown (Toronto Star, May 10)

Assistant Professor Alex Hanna believes the Cambridge Analytica scandal has caused a real change in attitude towards Facebook (Global News, May 6)

Professor Emeritus Andrew Clement tells the Canadian Press (May 2) that he hopes hopes privacy-conscious Torontonians won’t have to fear visiting the proposed Quayside neighbourhood: Critics want more details from Sidewalk Labs on proposed Toronto neighbourhood

Professor Emeritus Andrew Clement co-authors a Globe and Mail op-ed (April 23): Facebook: A mass media micro-surveillance monopoly

Assistant Professor Alex Hanna discusses the potential value of data scraped from Facebook: (CBC, April 7)

Professor Leslie Shade tells iPolitics (April 5)  it’s time for a coherent national discussion of Canadians’ communications rights online: Facebook breach opens door to broader discussion on digital rights

Professor Emeritus Andrew Clement in the Globe and Mail (March 26): Facebook’s data scandal highlights risks of Canada’s weak internet sovereignty

Faculty of Information scores high in QS Wold University Subject Rankings  (February 28, 2018)

Obituary for former Dean, Francess Halpenny in Globe and Mail (January 15): Francess Halpenny, 98, was an undisputed star of the editing world

Professor Emeritus Andrew Clement in Toronto Star (January 12): Sidewalk Labs’ Toronto waterfront tech hub must respect privacy, democracy


Doctoral student Jenna Jacobson in Toronto Star (February 19): How to detox from your smartphone

Professor Patrick Keilty in the10and3, a blog about data science (January 19): Exit Stage Left: The Decline of Strip Clubs in Canada