Archives & Records Management (ARM)

Master of Information

Concentration liaisons: Prof. Heather MacNeil


The Archives and Records Management concentration focuses on the social, institutional, and personal practices affecting the creation, use, and re-use of recorded information. The concentration explores the multiple perspectives that inform documentary practices over time, and draws on diverse foundational disciplines, including:

  • Management theories for organizational records
  • Archival theory of arrangement and description
  • Appraisal theories and practices for diverse organizations
  • Preservation principles and technology migration management
  • History of records and record keeping


Topics include

  • Theories and methods for capturing, classifying, managing, appraising, and preserving authentic documents and records in all media; to serve business, economic, legal, memorial, and historical needs of public and private organizations and persons
  • Changing perspectives and social contexts
  • Regimes of privacy and access
  • Intellectual property rights and conflicts
  • The role of archives and archival institutions in human rights, social justice, and memorial contestation


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