Human-Centred Data Science (HCDS)

Master of Information

Concentration liaison: Prof. Periklis Andritsos (Fall 2019); Prof. Arik Senderovich (Winter 2020)

The Human Centered Data Science (HCDS) concentration in the MI will provide students not only with the skills and knowledge to deal with complex, large-scale data sets and information systems but they will also gain expertise in user centred visualization, ethics and policy. Students in this concentration will be able to differentiate themselves from others in comparative programs since in all contents of the new concentration, from the design to the implementation of their solutions, they will be able to assess the social implications of any solution.

While most data science programs that are being developed focus more on providing computational and statistical education, this concentration will integrate a human centered and societal focus throughout. Students will understand the fundamental concepts, theories, practices and different horizons in which data is retrieved and manipulated while they will apply new technological developments and realize the impact such developments may have on society.

Graduates of the program will develop knowledge of software principles and practices, programming concepts and techniques, data structures, and system development methods and practices.

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