Information Systems & Design (ISD)

Master of Information

Concentration liaison: Prof. Eric Yu

Learn how to analyze, design and implement the diverse array of systems used to manage all kinds of information in businesses and complex organizations, such as “Big Data” applications.

Information systems play a crucial role in today’s society. For many businesses and organizations, innovations in information processes and systems are critical for competitiveness and survival. For individuals, our personal and social lives are now mediated by an ever growing array of information systems.

As ISD professionals, you will help shape how people interact and get work done through information systems. You will lead or participate in multi-disciplinary teams to analyze, design, and implement innovative and effective information systems, while emphasizing critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative decision making.

ISD Concentration Features:

  • Engage in readings, discussions, hands-on projects, and critical debates.
  • Acquire practical skills and experience with tools for modelling, project management, systems analysis, and systems implementation.
  • Tie course material with real-life situations in business, management, health, and diverse computational environments.
  • Learn how to create and enhance innovative, accessible, and adaptable solutions to problems of information practice, in constantly changing digital environments.
  • Explore possibilities, constraints, and trade-offs inherent in the design, management, and implementation of digital information systems and media, in the context of complex and often conflicting requirements from diverse stakeholders.

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