Master of Information

Attend an Information Day and hear from current students, faculty members and staff about course work, work integrated learning opportunities, financial aid, admission requirements, etc. in the Master of Information (MI) & Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Programs; as well as the Combined Degree Program (CDP) option (MI + MMSt). Click Here To Register!

Information is explored in all its breadth, depth and richness in this innovative program. There is a choice for everyone among seven concentrations, a specialization, coursework-only, co-op, and thesis options.

MI graduates are the next generation of valued professionals, able to lead the progression of information design, organization, storage, access and retrieval, dissemination, preservation, conservation and management. With a deep understanding of the needs of society, career opportunities are found across all industries and sectors.

The Master of Information (MI) program is accredited by the American Library Association.

MI Program Director: Prof. Fiorella Foscarini

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