Bissell Building Opening Hours

Claude T. Bissell Building

140 St. George St.

Bissell Building FAQs (as of October 2020)

Is the Bissell Building open?

The Bissell Building is open but access is restricted. Currently, the Bissell Building is not intended to be a place to congregate or to socialize casually. As a result, all lounge chairs and tables have been removed from common spaces.

Faculty of Information students who need to enter the Bissell Building should contact They should also adhere to all campus health and safety policies including carrying out a self-assessment before coming to campus. While on campus, everyone is required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering in all common-use indoor spaces.

Detailed information on UofT’s UCheck self-assessment tool, mask policies and more can be found here (scroll down to the health and safety section). Information is also posted in the Bissell Building and can be found in these two videos about UofT COVID-19 Guidelines and What to Expect When You’re on Campus.

Are there any classes taking place in the Bissell Building?

There are no Faculty of Information classes taking place in the building this term, but some other Faculties are using the Bissell Building for classes, as they always have done. When these classes are taking place, the doors to the Bissell Building are unlocked. At other times, they are locked and a fob is required to access the building.

Is the Inforum open?

The Inforum is not currently open. Tech loans can be arranged by completing this request form. Some study space is available at the Robarts and Gerstein libraries. Find out more here.

Can I study elsewhere in the Bissell building?

It is not currently possible to study in the Bissell Building unless a student has no other alternatives. If you are in this situation, please contact us at

What if I am unable to study at home or have poor internet service?

The University has made study spaces available on campus. Find out more here.

Can I access my locker in the Bissell Building?

Lockers are not available. If you need to access a locker, please contact us at

Can I use the student lounges and kitchens in the Bissell Building?

At this time, the student lounges and the kitchens are closed. The food court in Robarts Library is open.

Are there any student activities taking place in the Bissell Building?

No on-site activities are permitted at the Faculty of Information without written permission from the Dean. If you wish to hold a meeting or arrange an activity, please fill out this form.

Is the Student Services office open?

The physical office is not open but you can email or call (416) 978-3234 during office hours (8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) if you need assistance. You can also visit the Virtual Inforum.