Communication and Community: Explorations in strategic communication and social entrepreneurship


This course explores innovation in strategic communication and social entrepreneurship for local and global community. In this context it explores the use of modern tools of information, strategic communication and social enterprise for knowledge generation, information management and sharing, social awareness and change. The course will give practical opportunity for students to work with existing institutions and NGOs to review and advise on strategic communication and information utilization and/or to work with a team in an exercise to create a new social enterprise with an emphasis on digital opportunities. Students will interact with successful communicators and social entrepreneurs and their for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises.

Communication/information strategies are most effective when linked to public policy, personal and institutional leadership, and community mobilization. This course explores emerging models of enterprises and communications initiatives for positive community level social change. Examples of not-for-profit, for-profit, and hybrid initiatives, as well as ICT-based businesses that have grown up around social needs in fields of environment, health, religious expression, cultural diversity, sustainable development and peace will be examined. A mix of theoretical considerations and practical approaches will characterize the course with an emphasis on providing opportunities for hands-on student activities and an exploration of effective evaluation for improving strategic outcomes.

Students will have an opportunity to exercise some aspects of social entrepreneurship in the shaping of class activities, assignments, and marks.