Community Informatics


This course will provide a student with an overview and introduction to the emerging field of Community Informatics (CI) which is concerned with the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to enable and empower local communities. The course will present CI in its larger theoretical, technical, social, economic and policy contexts and will link the discussion into current examples and on-going developments in the Canadian, OECD and Developing World contexts. Among the topics which will be covered are CI and Community Networking in Canada and globally, CI research and CI practice, CI and the Digital Divide, CI and Effective Use of ICTs, CI in the context of on-going development and research in Information Systems, and current research areas in CI. Students completing the class will have a good understanding of CI in relation to other areas of IS and a good background should they wish to pursue additional studies, research or practical activities in Community Networking or Community Informatics. The course will be of interest to graduate students pursuing specializations in IS, librarianship in the community, IS and Development practice and theory, and ICT policy.