Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the GLAM Sector


MSL2235H — Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the GLAM Sector

This course builds the case for integrating equity, diversity and inclusion within cultural organizations and museological, archival and library approaches. Building on local, national and international best practices in which GLAMs apply an equity lens to advance the mission and values of their sites, this course familiarizes students with equity and anti-oppression lenses, and how these translate into tools, practices of accountability and impact metrics.

Crucially, the course promotes visitor-centred designs for multiple facets of GLAM work (e.g. curation, cataloguing, programming, fundraising), and examines the influence of leadership styles and change management practices in achieving equity, diversity and inclusion in cultural organizations and society more broadly. Students are encouraged to contribute to the work of equity, diversity and inclusion through scholarly and professional knowledge sharing, community work, and organizational strategy.