User Experience Design Capstone Project


The capstone KMD project gives students the opportunity to shape their own learning by planning and executing a major KMD project that contributes to KMDI, FI, the University or the wider community. In this year-long course students work in diverse ‘collaborative’ teams to execute a major KMD project.

The course (INF1601Y — User Experience Design Capstone Project) is divided into two related and cumulative halves. The first term focuses on ideation, team building and project design. The term will culminate in a Design Brief that will outline the central objectives, scope and logistics involved in creating and organizing the project. In the second term, students will work in the groups of 3-5 to execute the approved short-term project that tackles KMD themes and topics. Workshops and seminars will be based around the project milestones including: prototype I critique, prototype II critique and final presentation. The final presentations will be open to other students and the broader community.

Pre-requisites: KMD1001H, KMD1002H, INF2169H.
Co-requisite: INF2040H or equivalent.

Note: Students taking this course must be enrolled in the UXD concentration or special permission by concentration liaison is required.