Special Topics in Information Studies: Critical Approaches to Multiculturalism, Information, and Social Integration


A reciprocal flow of information is critical for social integration in a society comprised of multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual communities. This course critically examines theoretical and policy debates in multiculturalism and media studies with respect to social integration. The course focuses on the role of media in production, distribution, and consumption of information, and the structural and organizational challenges and opportunities for facilitating a reciprocal flow of information for reciprocal social integration. Topics include the public sphere, cultural literacy, communication infrastructure, an intercultural media system, mainstream and diasporic media practices, and emerging models on digital platforms.
This course is a student-led seminar, structured around weekly group presentations and individual reflections on assigned readings, discussions, and research papers. Throughout the course, students will read, write, and engage in critical discussion of the key concepts in multiculturalism, media, and social integration. Relevant statistical and audio-visual materials will be introduced to aid understanding.