Special Topics in Information: UX for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM)

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INF2304H — Special Topics in Information: UX for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM)

This course examines the applications of user experience design (UXD) to the disciplines of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM). The course introduces the UXD toolbox, a series of user experience (UX) methods and tools that are applicable in GLAM workplaces. This may include UX research methods, UX evaluation methods, design thinking approaches, UX strategy techniques, user journey/experience maps, and service blueprints. The course will emphasize studio-based learning and discussions of strategies for understanding and responding to the needs of GLAM users. Each student will examine and demonstrate the applications of UXD in one GLAM discipline of their choice; students will work on two major assignments. First, an individual literature review outlining the UX applications in a GLAM discipline of their choice (e.g., a LIS student may want to conduct a literature review on UX in Libraries). These literature reviews will form the basis for class discussions. Second, a major design project in which students will work (in a group) to solve a UX related challenge in a GLAM displicine. The project will be executed with GLAM organizations across the GTA (community-engaged learning approach).

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the applications of UX design in the GLAM disciplines
  2. Formulate a UX strategy to advocate user-centered approaches in a GLAM project
  3. Conduct user research to identify touchpoints and pain points in a GLAM workplace
  4. Create experience maps to represent the journey of a GLAM user
  5. Develop all phases of the design thinking approach in response to the needs of a UX GLAM project
  6. Describe the design thinking process to identify and creatively solve challenges in GLAM workplaces
  7. Articulate the importance of UX to GLAM professionals

Relationship to Master of Information (MI) Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes

  • This course helps students master fundamental UX skills applicable to the disciplines of GLAM. (Outcome 1).
  • Acquiring a UX Toolbox and applying it to a UX GLAM project will equip students to understand how UX and GLAM are related to people, information, and technology, and to exercise ethically responsible design in their careers (Outcomes 2 and 4).
  • Through learning of theory and practice of the applications of UX to GLAM, students will be equipped to understand the relevance of new information experiences in GLAM disciplines and continue building their knowledge through research and continuous learning (Outcomes 5 and 6).

Course is for ARM, LIS and MMSt students

Pre-requisite courses: One of: INF1323H or INF1330H or MSL2331H or MSL2370H

INF2304H — Special Topics in Information: Program Evaluation and Measurement

This course will introduce students to the foundations of evaluation, including using the logic model, program evaluation, data gathering, analysis and reporting. Examples of evaluation in a variety of information environments will be explored, including libraries, archives and museums as well as how evaluation is applied and practiced in information systems and design and user experience design.

Last offered: Summer 2018, Summer 2020