COVID-19 – Information for Students

To all of our graduate and undergraduate students, in response to the current set of circumstances we find ourselves in, the Faculty has made some important updates and changes in order to ensure that everyone can get through with the best possible academic outcomes based on your own unique situation.

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Academic Term Updates

Please view our FAQ page for updates for how Fall & Winter 2021/22 course delivery will happen.

Given the current state of the pandemic in Toronto and Ontario, the Faculty of Information has decided that all summer 2021 courses will be delivered remotely only. Please view our Summer 2021 course offerings.

Remote Learning Support

Minimum Technical Requirements:

    • The University of Toronto has outlined the minimum technical requirements (computer specifications), recommended accessories, internet connection and frequently asked questions about learning remotely.

iSchool ePedagogy:

    • The Faculty of Information offers in-class and email support to instructors and students of eligible courses.
    • Students experiencing technical difficulties can contact their course-embedded Technical Support Assistant (TSA) for in-class support, or reach out to the general inquiries email for help outside of class hours:

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

    • International students in areas with internet content restrictions, or who are working remotely on sensitive research, may require access to the University’s general purpose virtual private network (VPN). If you do require the VPN to connect
      to university resources, please see the University of Toronto VPN information page for more information and instructions.
    • Please note that the VPN does not provide or enhance connectivity to the internet, and will not assist with connectivity issues caused by the recent general increase in web traffic.

Remote Security Matters:

Student Services (Academic Advising, Careers, and General Support)

Even though courses are currently being delivered remotely, Student Services is fully operational online and here to support you. If you would like to book an advising appointment or have general inquiries, please contact

Other Contacts

If you have any questions, please submit them to the University of Toronto’s COVID-19 Response Form.

Accessibility Services

The University of Toronto is dedicated to facilitating the inclusion of students with disabilities into all aspects of university life by focusing on skills development, especially in the areas of self-advocacy and academic skills.

Please see information on available services and accommodations here:

Social-Distant Study Spaces on Campus

Students who require a workspace to attend online classes while in between in-person classes: Faculty of Information students will be able to book a space on 4th and 5th floor of the Bissell building (Learning Hub / Inforum) starting the week of September 13, 2021. We do ask students to plug in their earphones / headphones when listening to online lectures, but you are able to unmute and engage in your classes as needed as the space is not meant to be silent study

    • Max capacity for the 4th and 5th floor Learning Hub Inforum is currently at 25 only.
    • Students are able to book up to 3 hours of space use in a single day. Bookings are done at 1 hour increments. Therefore, if you require a 3 hours space, you will have to book 3 times.
    • Check-in has to be done at the frontdesk of the 4th floor. Please have your UCheck status ready (with your name and the date / time of your last UCheck visible).
    • Masks will be required at all times.

Students may also visit other libraries on campus for workspace! Please visit the website of individual libraries to review their in-person policies and regulations.

    • See Library Services to get up-to-date information on how to access physical library spaces.


Residence is an important part of the university experience and we’re excited to be welcoming students to campus this fall. If you applied to live in residence, your experience will be a little different than what you imagined, but our goal is to make your residence life as fulfilling as possible and to support you every step of the way.

Individuals seeking graduate housing or student family housing are invited to refer to the following websites for more information:

Guidelines for Accessing Campus and the Bissell Building

Accessing Campus

Please upload your proof of vaccination on UCheck directly.

Before coming on campus, please complete UCheck. You may be asked to show proof that you have recently completed UCheck when accessing campus buildings.

If you are unable to come to campus, please email your instructor (and Student Services) right away to determine available assistance. Students that are ill should also complete the “Declaration of Absence” form on their ACORN to mark their absence from classes.

Accessing the Bissell Building

In-person access to your classes in the Bissell building (building code on UT map: BL) needs to be done through the Robarts library ground floor (i.e. street level) main entrance facing St. George Street.

    • Enter Robarts Library at 130 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A5.
    • Share your UCheck submission / status at the door.
    • To get to the Bissell building: Take the stairs, escalator, or elevator to the second floor. Cut across the landing to exit the enclosed area, and turn left (or move in the general direction of the corner of St. George Street and Sussex Ave) towards the big glass panels/doors that says “iSchool”.
    • The second floor layout of the Robarts library and general direction of the Faculty of Information.


Masks will be required for any in-person attendance on campus unless you have a medical exemption. Please do not remove your mask to ask questions in class. Plan to wear a mask that completely covers your nose and chin at all times.

Returning Key Fobs

Graduating students who wish to return their fobs while offices remain closed without access, may return by mail to:

      • Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
      • Claude Bissell Building
      • 140 St. George Street
      • Toronto, ON M5S 3G6

Have More Questions?

If you still have questions, please contact We would be very happy to hear from you.

Archived Information

  • Archived Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 Information

  • Archived Summer 2020 Information

  • Archived Winter 2020 Information