COVID-19 Information for Summer Instructors

April 30 2020 update

The University of Toronto Libraries has just made an agreement with the HathiTrust Digital Library to make millions of print-only books owned by UTL, available electronically to all current U of T students, faculty, and staff, for as long as all UTL library stacks & Downsview are closed.  The service is called HathiTrust ETAS (Emergency Temporary Access Service).

To find out how about using and accessing this material please visit  There are clear instructions about what to do, as well as the link to HathiTrust ETAS, on this page.


April 17 2020 update

Nalini Singh, User Services Librarian & liaison librarian to the Faculty, has put together a great guide on selected e-resources for iSchool Summer instructors.

Any Changes to Your Course Day / Time (Complete the Form): The summer timetable was developed when we thought courses would be delivered in person. Now that we know the courses will be delivered remotely, we wanted to check if you want to make adjustments. Instructors who transitioned to remote delivery this winter have found that synchronous delivery of courses at the same time as the scheduled class has been easier than delivering asynchronous modules; however, a kind of hybrid might be what you wish to do. In this case, if we previously had you scheduled for a 3 hour evening slot, you may now not need the entire three hour slot for the synchronous portion of the course, but instead will deliver the content partially asynchronously so that the synchronous portion is only an hour or two twice per week.  Please complete this short survey to help us finalize the summer timetable given remote delivery.

Class sizes and new (summer-only) TA policy: Given the unique circumstances, the Dean has agreed to a new TA policy for courses that go above 35 students this summer (Teaching Assistant Interim Guidelines – May – August 2020). We need instructor permission to increase the caps so please let us know (via the survey above) if you are willing to go above the course cap (and receive TA hours) or let me know if you have questions.

UTORID and Course Access for Sessional Instructors: We will set up your course access and UTORID as soon as possible so you can get started right away. Some resources at CTSI have a special link to register without a UTORID (see point 4).

Webinars and resources for course design and development: We are working with the University’s Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) to put together resources and training for our summer instructors. There are a number of resources on the CTSI website but we will be providing more resources. In particular, there are two webinars coming up (but will be recorded as well):

  1. Planning and Preparing Your Course: Thursday, April 2, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, “In this webinar we will discuss strategies for planning to move a face-to-face course to online delivery and how to prepare and set up an online course environment.”
  2. Connecting and Interacting with Your Students Online: Friday, April 3, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM, “In this webinar we will discuss tips and strategies for communicating with your students and for providing opportunities for connection and interaction online. We will share tools and methods of communicating with students that are available in Quercus.”

Lack of access to textbooks: As you design your course, please keep in mind that students will not have access to physical library resources  and will likely not be able to buy textbooks (even Amazon is not shipping certain items).  Nalini Singh (cc’d) is our Library Liaison and will be able to help you identify e-resources to suit the learning needs of students in your course.


Access to a MS Teams Team: Carol Lee has set up a “Team” for all summer instructors to connect and to share information and material. I will be sharing material there as well going forward.  This Getting Started quick video will show you what Teams is about.