MMSt Fall/Winter Internship FAQs

How many credits is the MSL3000Y (Museum Studies Internship) course?

The Internship is a 0.5 credit course over the course of the Fall and Winter terms.

What is the duration and hourly commitment for the Fall/Winter Museum Studies Internship course?

Internships may be full-time or part-time and should meet a minimum of 280 hours (equivalent of 8 weeks) and a maximum of 400 hours (equivalent of 12 weeks). Whether the internship is one day a week, two afternoons a week, or one day every other week, will depend on the host, the student, and the project. The duration and scheduling of the internship will vary, but will be completed between September-April.

I don’t currently have an internship secured, should I still enroll in MSL3000Y?

If you are interested in pursuing an Internship, we encourage you to register for the MSL3000Y course even if you are at this point unsure as to whether you will continue with the course. Doing so will allow us to stay in touch and work with you through Quercus. If you ultimately do decide against the internship course, you may drop the course by February 22, 2021, without penalty.

If you are interested in completing an internship in the Fall & Winter terms, please enroll into the course starting July 24th 6AM, EST on ACORN.

If I cannot secure an Internship this year, can I enroll in the MSL3000 next year?

Yes. If you are currently a 1st year student and do not secure an Internship in the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 terms, you may enroll in the Internship course in the Summer 2021 term.

Completing your degree requirements in the Summer of 2021 (by August 31) means that you will graduate on time, with no additional fees. Your convocation will be in November.

I have secured an Internship, what are the next steps?

Please contact Julietta Mikaelyan, Careers Officer, for support around planning the next steps. Julie will provide you with a Letter of Agreement form to complete in concert with your Supervisor to formalize the Internship.

We will continue to accept Letter of Agreement submissions until February 22, 2021.

I did not secure an Internship, what are the next steps in dropping the course?

If you do not secure an internship by February 22, 2021, you will be able to drop the course, without academic penalty, directly on ACORN.

Sherry Dang, Associate Registrar, Student Services & Admissions, will be happy to support students who may require assistance dropping the course after the February 22 deadline.

I’ve secured an international internship opportunity, will I be able to continue?

Due to the uncertain evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that students please contact the Careers Officer to obtain pre-approval prior to making any plans.

The current status is that the University is cancelling all student activities outside of Canada until August 14, 2020.

However, students may complete remote internships with organizations based outside of Canada.

International students who are returning to their home countries are exempt from this restriction.  However, we strongly advise that students carefully consider their health and safety, the quarantine regulations in their home countries, as well as the ability to return to Canada prior to making travel plans.

I am interested in completing the Exhibition Project, will this conflict with the option to defer the Internship course to the Fall/Winter terms?

No. Please contact Professor Agnieszka Chalas if you would like to discuss any joint projects.

I need support with the search, networking, or application phase.

Please arrange a meeting with the Careers Officer to develop a search and remote networking strategy.

The Careers Officer can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (416) 978-3282.

My past/current employer has offered to host me for the internship, is this acceptable?

We encourage all students who wish to work with current/previous employers for the purposes of Internship to design opportunities that will allow them to expand their range of experience and interactions with other staff.

We encourage that the role be stretched to build new skills, not repeat previous experience. This is to allow students opportunities for growth and additional exposure.

Please contact the Careers Officer for support in developing a productive work plan with your host.

Is there funding available for students who plan to complete unpaid Internships?

There is dedicated funding available from endowed funds generously provided by the Campbell and Rebanks families support unpaid internships.

Students completing unpaid internships will be entitled to a $1600 stipend. The funds will be transferred to you through ACORN. Please be sure to have direct deposit set up on your ACORN account.

Students who receive a small stipend from their host organization will also be able to receive a top up from the Faculty such that they receive a combined total of $1600.