COVID-19 Program Completion Award

Estimated Monetary Value

  • $5000


Estimated Number of Recipients

  • Varies



  • No application required. Consideration will be made during Doctoral students’ annual progress review.


Award background:

A COVID-19 fellowship to be provided to full-time Doctoral student(s) in the Faculty of Information who, for reasons due to COVID-19, require additional time in their program that takes them beyond the funded cohort of the Doctoral program.


Eligibility Criteria:

The student should meet the following criteria:
  • In the Winter 2020 term, was registered as a Y1, Y2, Y3 or Y4 PhD student;
  • Is entering Y5;
  • Does not hold external funding for Y5;
  • Data collection or access to necessary sources has been significantly impeded due to pandemic-related impacts (e.g., labs closed, fieldwork cancelled, access to materials, archives or library sources has been impeded, personal circumstances);
  • Additional work is needed before the thesis/dissertation can be defended (e.g., insufficient data or material).

If you have any questions, please connect with the Faculty at