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Overview and Application Guidelines


The objective of the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) Program is to help develop research skills and assist in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies. The Tri-council allocates CGS-M awards to universities specifying the number of awards that each may offer to their students annually. CGS M awards can only be offered to students pursing graduate studies at eligible Canadian Universities and the award must be held at the university that has made the offer.

Eligibility to Apply

Please refer to the Canada Graduate Scholarships — Master’s Program page for complete eligibility requirements.

    • Level of Study: Master’s (or in some cases, doctoral programs) in Canada
    • Required Legal Status: Domestic Students (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected persons)

Clarification for SSHRC CGS-M Eligible Programs

    • Programs formerly deemed eligible for SSHRC funding will continue to be considered eligible in the harmonized program.
    • More specifically, if the master’s program is an acceptable basis for admission to the related PhD program (that is eligible for funding by SSHRC), SSHRC would consider the master’s program to be an eligible program of study.

Requirements to Hold a CGS-M

Master of Information (MI) Co-op Students

    • Faculty of Information students in the Master of Information (MI) Co-op option may apply to/hold a CGS-M.
    • However, for the Co-op program of study to be eligible, a significant research component will be required. If awarded a CGS-M, a Co-op student must:
      • Submit in writing a letter from the student AND the student’s reading course supervisor confirming that:
        • The student will be / is enrolled in a reading course.
        • The supervisor endorses the student to remain eligible for the CGS-M.
      • Complete at least one (1) independent Reading / Research Course in which the primary course requirement is to produce an autonomous research paper.
    • These two factors together will allow the Co-op stream program to meet the significant research component requirement of the CGS-M. SGS will not set up payments until the confirmation letter is received.
    • If the student does NOT fulfill these requirements, then the student forfeits the CGS-M and all funds must be returned.

Master of Information (MI), Master of Museum Studies (MMSt), Combined Degree Program (CDP) Students

Master of Information, Master of Museum Studies and Combined Degree Program students must fulfill one of these options by the end of their program in order to meet the significant research component requirements of the CGS-M and to hold this major award:

    • Complete a Thesis; or
    • Complete at least one (1) independent Reading / Research Course in which the primary course requirement is to produce an autonomous research paper.
    • If the student does NOT fulfill these requirements, then the student forfeits the CGS-M and all funds must be returned.
    • CDP students must apply in Year 1 to hold the award in Year 2 – based on the eligibility requirement of having completed 0 to 12 months of full-time study

Award Value & Duration

    • $17500 CAD (one year; non-renewable)

SGS Graduate Award Information Sessions for Students

Graduate Award Information sessions are available to students interested in applying for Federal and / or Provincial awards (to start award in 2022-23 academic year). NOTE: international students are only eligible to apply for Vanier and OGS out of the sessions being offered.

Additional Resources

To access the videos, enter your utoronto email address when prompted to sign-in, then login using UTORid credentials.

How to Apply

For information the application process for this award / scholarship, please view the CGS-M Application Procedure page.

When completing a CGS-M application, students may select up to 3 separate universities (one graduate department per university) where they intend to pursue graduate studies and hold the award. Once completed and submitted online, the application will be accessible by all proposed universities the student has identified. Students applying for an award at the University of Toronto are not required to submit a paper application.

A completed CGS-M application will include the following:

    • 1. Completed 3-Part Online Application
      • Identification
      • Summary of Proposal (written in lay language)
      • Activity Details
    • 2. Attachments
      • Outline of Proposed Research (PDF attachment)
      • All up-to-date official academic transcripts from undergraduate, graduate, and exchange / transfer host institutions where the grade does not appear on the home institution transcript (scanned together as a single PDF document)
      • For full transcript requirements at the University of Toronto, please visit the SGS webpage on CGS-M applications.
    • 3. Canadian Common CV (CCV) (uploaded as a confirmation number)
    • 4. Completed Reference Assessments x 2 (invitation initiated and form completed electronically)

Deadline to Apply

Please see the CGS-M information page for more details.

    • Student Deadline: December 1, 2023, 8:00 PM ET.
    • Complete applications must be submitted by the deadline using the Research Portal. If the deadline falls on a weekend, applications must be submitted by the following business day before 8:00 PM ET.

No late applications will be accepted.


Transcripts: The inclusion and completeness of up-to-date official transcripts are essential to determine eligibility/confirm current registration, and the review of transcripts is an integral part of the evaluation material reviewed by the selection committees. As such, in addition to the most up-to-date transcripts for all previous degree programs/courses (complete or incomplete), applicants must order and include their official transcript for their current degree program dated in the fall session of the year of application (i.e., September 2022) even when no grades are available. Applicants should make sure that any older official transcripts are indeed the most up-to-date version and no changes have occurred since the date of issuance.

The Tri-Agency acknowledges that the widespread disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may hinder the ability of some institutions to provide applicants with official and up-to-date transcripts in advance of the deadline date, particularly at institutions which do not currently provide official electronic version of these documents. Therefore, for the Fall 2022 scholarships and fellowships competitions, the agencies will continue to accept unofficial transcripts if official transcripts cannot be obtained. If an official transcript cannot be obtained, the applicant must provide a letter from the institution’s transcript office which states that the institution is not able to provide an official transcript at this time along with an unofficial version of the transcript.

While applications containing unofficial transcripts will be accepted, applicants should note that submission of an application will continue to serve as a formal attestation that they provided true, complete, accurate information in the application and its related documents. The Tri-Agency may contact administrative staff at applicants’ institutions or applicants directly in order to verify that the contents of the submitted transcripts are true, complete and accurate.

Selection Process

    • Results are made available to applicants only through Research Portal as of April 1. Offers to alternate applicants may be made until January 31 of the next calendar year.

Contacts & Resources

For more information, visit the Canada Graduate Scholarship — Master’s Program on the NSERC website, and / or contact the SGS Graduate Awards Office at

Additional contact information is provided below.

SGS Graduate Awards Office

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