Host a Practicum


The goal of the practicum program at the Faculty of Information is to provide students with hands-on experience to supplement their theoretical knowledge, and to help them develop professional competencies.

All practicum courses are open to students in their second year of studies at the Faculty of Information. Students participating in the practicum will have completed, or will be in the process of completing, all core and required courses for the Master of Information (MI) degree.

As a supervisor, you will have an opportunity to enhance your management skills and become a mentor to a future colleague. By participating in the educational process, you are contributing to the growth of the information profession.

The main steps for host organizations are:

  1. Host submits a project proposal by the deadline date
  2. Course instructor informs the host whether a student has chosen their project or not, usually within the first three weeks of the term
  3. Student writes and submits a work plan to the instructor and host
  4. Student attends classes and works on the project at the host’s office
  5. Student submits a final report by the end of the course
  6. Host submits the student evaluation form by the end of the course
  7. For INF2158H course, students present their practicum work at an exhibition to which all hosts are invited to attend


For more information, please contact:

Careers Office

Faculty of Information | University of Toronto



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