Latest Faculty of Information Events
May 31
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Alumni Reunion Graduates’ Celebration

Hart House Music Room
7 Hart House Circle
Toronto, ON
M5S 3H3

Alumni Reunion Graduates’ Celebration

FIAA invites all Faculty of Information alumni to celebrate and reconnect with their fellow graduates at a cocktail reception on the evening of Thursday, May 31st.

Special recognition to grad years 6T8 (50th anniversary), 9T3 (25th anniversary) and 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 75th and 80th anniversaries.

To register, go to the Alumni Reunion Website, Faculty of Information Event.

(Yes that is FIAA president Eve Leung x2 in the photo. Ask her all about it a the reception.)


Kids’ Passport

The Faculty of Information is also participating in the Kids’ Passport on the morning of Saturday, June 2nd.

This event is a rare opportunity to expose young minds to some of the University’s leading thinkers. You’ll travel to different departments, buildings and labs to participate in a range of hands-on activities.  At the Faculty of Information, in the Semaphore lab located in Robarts Library, children 12 and under will design, build, and test their own interactive video game controllers. Using materials ranging from spoons to play-doh to bananas to human bodies, they will compete against their peers to see who can get the highest score. Games may include Tetris, Flappy Bird, Frogger, etc.

To register your family for the Kids’ Passport go to the Alumni Reunion Website, Kids’ Passport. Registration for this main event will allow access to all Kids’ Passport events at the various Faculties and Departments.  Then Pick up your Kids’ Passport on the Saturday of Alumni Reunion weekend and have fun learning together all morning. Drop-in to one or all sessions!

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