Latest Faculty of Information Events
Jan 19
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

iSeries: Predicting Industry Trends – A Speaker Series for Information Leaders

140 Saint George Street
Room 728
Toronto, ON
M5S 3G6

Looking for co-op placements? Looking for full-time jobs after graduation?

Please join the first of the iSeries – Predicting Industry Trends: A Speaker Series for Information Leaders to hear from iSchool Alumni on discussions on the future of work, skills and tips needed for entering the workplace.

Immediately following event, will be the launch of the 2018 Massive Job Posting Archiving Event, where all participants will join in for a group environmental scan of all jobs available for this summer and onward. This information will be publicly accessible for all event participants.

Feel free to come out, enjoy refreshments, and get started on your job hunt!

For any inquiries email:


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