Latest Faculty of Information Events
Mar 13
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Making the Museum Relevant

140 Saint George Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 3G6

As part of the Museum Talks series, please join us for a talk by Kelvin Browne, Director, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. Event free and open to the public.


Intuitively, there is a sense that the future of the Gardiner Museum would be its connection to the community and how it was going to be of service, how it could open itself to local needs, and through its communication of the poignant nature of its artifacts rather than just their pedigree. An emotional connection was the one that would sustain and grow the Museum, likely one generated by focusing on the soft notion of clay rather than the hard edge of ceramics. The metaphor is a good one: clay is malleable, it needs to be shaped to become of use, versus the finished object that is unchanging and to be accepted on its own terms. But how does one achieve this – how do you make the Museum Relevant today?

Next talk in series is 27 March 5:30-7pm: TORONTO STORIES ROUND TABLE
– Gracia Dyer Jalea, Co-founder and Founding Executive Director, The Ward Museum.
– Larry Ostola, Director, Museums and Heritage Services, City of Toronto.
– Kaitlin Wainwright, Director of Programming, Heritage Toronto.