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Jul 11
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Symposium Cybersecurity: Libraries ARE a Target!

140 St. George St.

At the U of T Faculty of Information

What do you need to have in place to have a secure library?  What do your libraries need to recommend to their clients so they are safer online?  No matter what type of library, public institution, museum or community organization you are with, you need to be prepared and knowledgeable about cybersecurity.  Join our experienced, knowledgeable practitioners and leaders in cybersecurity to up your game in your organization.

Symposium organized by Dysart & Jones Associates in partnership with the Faculty of Information

Scary things are happening in our library technology spaces!

Whether you’re working in the academic or public library sector this is the workshop for you.  If you’re training end users on how to surf smart, then you’ll learn a lot.
If these issues challenge your management team, or you unsure if your knowledge is current on cybersecurity, then this is the symposium for you to explore new ways to develop your organizations’ threat avoidance and response strategies for the coming years.

What do your libraries need to recommend to their clients so they are safer online?

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