Latest Faculty of Information Events
Mar 07
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The Design Constraints of Driving: Communication and Entertainment versus Distraction and Mortality

KMDI Speaker Series presents guest speaker: Professor Jeff Caird, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary.

He will discuss how driving is an orchestration of many different tasks performed to achieve specific and general travel goals, but also interleaved with other every day activities. A number of design constraints are imposed by fundamental visual, auditory, attention, cognitive and physical limitations of drivers. The design of novel and familiar communication and entertainment systems that are used by drivers requires the consideration of human limitations and the outcomes of acute and chronic interaction with these systems on distraction and traffic safety. Talking on smartphones, with passengers, with voice-recognition systems, texting, and interacting with music and social media are systematically analyzed with respect to these design trade-offs. Evidence from naturalistic studies, driving simulation, self report and observational methods is critiqued and synthesized.