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Mar 02
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

UX, Design & Customer Engagement

140 St George Street, 7th Floor

User experience (UX) and design are critical for customer engagement.  This symposium brings together experienced and knowledgeable speakers and practitioners to look at strategies and tactics for engaging customers with easy to use programs, web sites, and more.

From Jared M. Spool, UX expert & Founder, User Interface Engineering

“Of the important things you do every day in your job, what percentage did you learn how to do in school?” When I ask user experience designers this question, most tell me less than 25%. Even those who have only been out of school for just a few years.

In fact, some of today’s best user experience designers never learned design in school at all. They taught themselves what they needed to know. They learned from peers, from seeking out their own resources, and through the process of trial-and-error.

So come and learn from our experts and your colleagues!

All great discussion areas!  Join us.

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