Introduction to cybersecurity

Introduction to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is what we call a wide range of security topics involving computers. Everyone is going to be coming into this workshop with some notions about some of these topics – some of you will be right and some will be buying into a limited viewpoint offered by ill-prepared press, bloggers, and pundits. We’ll break down various topics under the Cybersecurity umbrella and learn what the salient points are related to network security, system security, application security, and data security.

The workshop will also outline some of the careers within the Cybersecurity realm.

Expect to take away:

  • What topics are covered by the term “cybersecurity”
  • What the major threats are
  • What can happen when cybersecurity is breached
  • What careers are available in the field of cybersecurity

Instructor: Stephen Perelgut, Owner, Bleeding Edge Consulting

Date and Time: Saturday September 23, 2023, from 10am – 12pm

Location: Zoom

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