Information Systems Designer

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Information Systems Designers work in one of today's most dynamic sectors

Theory and practice meet in designing complex information systems for all types of businesses and organizations. 

A University of Toronto Master of Information degree specializing in Information Systems and Design (ISD) can help you work in this dynamic and growing sector.

The MI program welcomes students from all academic backgrounds.

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Master of Information in ISD led Albert Tai to start-up life

The first thing you see when you go to the website of Hypercare, the startup co-founded by University of Toronto alumnus Albert Tai, is its sales pitch to health-care administrators: “No more pagers. No more phone tag.”

Tai says people who don’t work in the health-care sector are often stunned to find out that the old-fashioned pager remains ubiquitous in hospitals.

“There’s a joke about it,” he says. “It used to be only doctors and drug dealers using pagers. Now it’s just doctors.”

The omnipresent pager is but one symptom of how the health-care sector is behind the times, according to Tai. Other symptoms include the ongoing use of fax machines and dependency on old-fashioned call centres within the hospital to track down doctors on call. “Everyone knows health care is lagging usually 10 or 15 years behind every other industry,” says Tai, who completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science and medical science before enrolling in the Information Systems and Design MI degree at U of T’s Faculty of Information in 2015. Read more