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Unit Coordinator, Library Media Resources

Closes on Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Toronto District School Board (TDSB)
North York, Ontario
Full Time (Contract)
Organization Name
Toronto District School Board – TDSB
Job Title
Unit Coordinator, Library Media Resources
Job Type
Full Time (Contract)
North York
Posting Date
Submission Deadline
Target Audience
  • 5–10 Years of Experience
Job Category
  • Other
Job Description
Acting assignment (anticipated to end on August 31, 2022) – Toronto, ON

This is a unique opportunity to play a key role in ensuring that staff and students at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) have continuous, timely, effective access – based on their needs – to a large collection of pertinent library media resources in physical and virtual environments. If you’re up to the challenge, keep reading.

Reporting to the Centrally Assigned Principal, Leadership, Learning & School Improvement, through the Program Coordinator, Library and Learning Resources and Interdisciplinary Studies, you’ll oversee the day-to-day operations of Library Media Resources, and provide library media resources to all TDSB staff, both in schools and as centrally assigned. This will include selecting and purchasing media resources that support curriculum delivery, in consultation with TDSB Teaching and Learning Department and teaching staff, overseeing their cataloguing and/or duplication and access to media resources, including streamed media, managing the current online catalogue of resources, using an equitable, anti-oppressive and anti-racist lens, and maintaining the online booking system. As part of the Library and Learning Resources management team, you’ll also provide leadership in determining goals and objectives, and in short- and long-term planning.

As a Unit Coordinator, Library Media Resources, you’ll be called upon to ensure remote and school access to streamed media resources and the smooth, efficient circulation of materials, negotiate with vendors and/or distributors for public performance rights and copyright issues, and conduct copyright consultations with educators, principals and superintendents. In this multifaceted role, you’ll prepare mediographies to support Teaching and Learning department curriculum resources, determine training and development needs of staff, supervise the distribution of curriculum resource documents within and outside of TDSB, and provide support for the development and maintenance of web-based initiatives of the Library and Learning Resources department, including the TDSB Virtual Library. TDSB departments will also rely on your assistance with the publication process of instructional resources (print and digital) following TDSB guidelines (proofreading, copyright, formatting, facilitating printing, distributing, etc.).


More specifically, as a Unit Coordinator, Library Media Resources, you will:

  • Lead, motivate and develop a diverse Library Media Resources team, including supervision, interviewing, selection of staff, performance appraisals, staff development and discipline;
  • Select and acquire media resources, in a variety of formats, for central media collections, to meet Ministry curriculum and TDSB learning goals, dependent on budget availability and based on using an equity, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist lens;
  • Consult with Program Coordinators and Instructional Leaders across TDSB re curriculum needs;
  • Consult with Program Coordinators, instructional leaders and coaches in areas outside of the Curriculum Departments (e.g. Indigenous Education, Centre of Black Excellence, Equity, Special Education) re needs;
  • Establish and maintain a process for reviewing resources, which could potentially be added to the collection in consultation with Program Coordinators, Coaches, Principals, Superintendents and Teachers;
  • Consult with vendors to find media resources that meet identified TDSB needs;
  • Organize previews for Central staff, including, but not limited to, Program Coordinators, and Managers in other departments (e.g. semi-annual Ontario Media Showcase);
  • Select materials based on previews and recommendations of Central staff, including, but not limited to, Program Coordinators and Managers;
  • Participate in relevant purchasing consortiums to facilitate financial savings;
  • Work with Program Coordinators, Coaches and other Central staff Leaders in areas outside of the Curriculum Departments (e.g. Indigenous Education, Centre of Black Excellence, Special Education) to prepare mediographies on specific topics;
  • Work with writing teams to recommend materials and create mediographies which are part of resource documents;
  • Negotiate Public Performance Rights and duplicating licences with vendors/distributors and for Central and school-based media products;
  • Liaise with vendors/distributors/other school boards about media copyright issues;
  • Address public performance rights and copyright issues in collaboration with the Professional Library Unit Coordinator;
  • Respond to copyright, digital rights, and public performance rights issues raised by superintendents, principals and teachers;
  • Create and provide resources and workshops/information sessions to schools regarding media copyright (audio, video, images);
  • Establish a process to withdraw media resources that are no longer pertinent to the curriculum and/or contain outdated/oppressive information and/or with expired copyright/licensing;
  • Ensure selection and withdrawal of learning resources and materials are in accordance with TDSB policies (e.g. Equity Policy);
  • Ensure review of sensitive materials are done in accordance with TDSB policies;
  • Manage and update the integrated booking and authentication system (e.g. LDAP);
  • Facilitate integration of centrally purchased resources for access by all schools (e.g. NFB; Learn360; OSAPAC);
  • Supervise the integration and de-selection of kits, resources from other departments (e.g. Science, Social & World Studies & the Humanities, Health & Physical Education) into the booking system;
  • Schedule and manage daily booking calendar, system maintenance and system communication related to media software and hardware (e.g. Science Kit schedule, PA days);
  • Supervise the quality control of media resources for technical flaws, including maintenance and promotion of the duplication and streaming resource database to comply with copyright legislation;
  • Negotiate for upgrades to, and maintenance of, current media resource booking/authentication systems;
  • Coordinate with Manager of Logistics and Courier Services regarding the delivery schedule for resources;
  • Provide training on the booking and authentication system and access to streamed media resources on and off site at the school, area and system levels;
  • Develop information packages in electronic and print form to publicize media resources, curriculum connections and methods to book and access physical and streamed media;
  • Provide support for the development and maintenance of web-based initiatives of the Library and Learning Resources department, including the TDSB Virtual Library; Academic Workspace; Google Apps, LLR social media and TDSB Web;
  • Oversee all Library and Learning Resources and Interdisciplinary Studies web development and 2.0 projects;
  • Collaborate with Program Coordinator, Centrally Assigned Principals, Coaches and Teacher-Librarians on the design of the Virtual Library;
  • Design interactive resource access pages for Media and Virtual Library Learning Resources for various audiences (e.g. K-3; 4-8; 9-12; parents; administration);
  • Create policies for maintaining, updating and permissions for accessing the Virtual Library; and for selection and de-selection of Virtual Library resources;
  • Support training of Teacher-Librarians to update local school content on Virtual Library Web pages;
  • Consult with Program Coordinators and managers in the Teaching and Learning department regarding policies and procedures for the Curriculum Resources Distribution Centre;
  • Participate in setting policy and procedures for the distribution of TDSB curriculum materials, both within TDSB and to other Boards;
  • Establish a process to withdraw resources which no longer meet current curriculum expectations and/or TDSB policies (e.g. Equitable and Inclusive practices);
  • Implement online ordering system (e.g. web store) for the purchase of Curriculum Resource Materials;
  • Maintain awareness of new trends and developments in technology;
  • Attend, co-create, and facilitate meetings of management team of Library and Learning Resources department for setting goals and objectives, planning, priority setting, professional learning and problem-solving;
  • Plan and maintain an annual budget for the acquisition of media material and operations;
  • Prepare various reports for the Program Coordinator and/or Centrally Assigned Principal;
  • Hold regular meetings with staff regarding new initiatives and policies, and to facilitate their professional learning;
  • Support Privacy and Security procedures as per legislation; and
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned.



To take on the role of Unit Coordinator, Library Media Resources, you must have:

  • A university degree in media studies, or MLS/MLIS/MIS with four (4) to seven (7) years of related work experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Expertise in computer applications and web design;
  • Expertise in the development of web-based initiatives, including Virtual Library web spaces, Google Apps, Social Media Tools;
  • Expertise in using the Horizon Library Management;
  • Familiarity with the library automation system (Horizon);
  • Willingness to learn about Board policies and procedures;
  • Willingness to participate and collaborate in the development of policies and procedures in a multi-faceted department; and
  • Supervisory experience.



  • Teacher qualifications; and
  • Knowledge of the Ontario curriculum.


Salary Range: $83,589 – $100,295 per annum
This Acting, full-time position is located at 3 Tippett Road, Tippett Centre (not wheelchair accessible).

We strive to meet the accommodation needs of persons with disabilities. Applicants are encouraged to make their needs for accommodation known in advance during the application process.

Please include the public link to your posting if available
Application Process
Please submit a resume and cover letter, by 12:00 noon, June 23, 2021, quoting competition #SCH II-21-0131NTE in the subject line, Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Applications will not be acknowledged in writing.


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