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Archives & Records Analyst

Closes on Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Corporate Archivist University Secretariat December - Carleton University
Full Time

Archives & Records Analyst

Corporate Archivist University Secretariat

Responsible for supporting records management best practices, including retention scheduling and file classification, in university departments as well as assisting in the arrangement and description of permanent archival materials.

Key Accountabilities

Coordination and Planning

  •   Assists in the developing and implementing policies and procedures that support an integrated records management program that meets current and future records information management needs, and legal requirements
  •   Implements the Corporate Records and Archives policy as it applies to academic and work unit and the records produced thereinRelationship Management
  •   Liaises with operational units across the university to guide and design file and information classification systems for active records and content management systems
  •   Liaises with various academic and administrative units across the university for the identification and transfer of records to storage facilitiesOperations
  •   Schedules annual records management assessment
  •   Analyzes analog records for departments and work units according to the CarletonUniversity Retention Schedule
  •   Assists assigned university departments and work units in creating and/or documentingfile classification plans
  •   Assists the Corporate Archivist in identifying and addressing revisions needed under theCarleton University Retention Schedule
  •   Assists in managing record destruction requests and registration
  •   Assists in arranging and describing permanent and historical records
  •   Assists in applying basic preservation of materials for long-term storage
  •   Assists in movement or transfer of archival materials to off-site storage as well as theretrieval of materials as required  Assists in the retrieval of archival materials for the university community and researchersfrom the general public

      Coordinates with the Digital Archivist in order to assess and complete the transfer ofdigital archives identified as permanent

      Assists with digitization of analog collections as per the direction of the Digital Archivist

 Assists in space management of archives vault and additional on-campus and/or off-site storage through up-keep of shelf listings and transfer logs

Job Requirements

Core Knowledge, Education and Experience

  •   Knowledge of archival and records and information management policies, procedures, and practices
  •   Knowledge of customer services and outreach processes and practices
  •   Knowledge of relevant governing legislation, policies, and procedures
  •   Knowledge of office as well as the broader university academic units, departments, anddivisions
  •   Knowledge of office productivity software and databases, internet browsers and searchengines, discipline-specific software, enterprise software, and technology devices
  •   Knowledge of legal, ethical, and copyright issues related to archives
  •   Knowledge of metadata standards
  •   Knowledge of descriptive standards, particularly Rules for Archival Description
  •   Knowledge of and experience with digitization, forensic digital management, andpreservation technologies and standards
  •   Knowledge of copyright and permission issues as well as issues surrounding recordsmanagement as related to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)Education

     Completion of three years College diploma in the field of Information Management specifically in archives management or records management or library technician


     Minimum of one year previous records management and archival experience

    Communication and Stakeholder Management

  •   Coordinates with assigned university departments for records and information
  •   Interacts across a range of stakeholders with a focus on the provision of operational andresource support/advice and the exchange, collection, and dissemination of information
  •   Explains, clarifies, and exchanges technical, process, and procedural informationProblem Solving and Decision Making
  •   Prioritizes and adapts activities in accordance with daily/weekly/annual schedule within defined timelines/deadlines
  •   Identifies issues, consults, collaborates, and follows policies, procedures, and processes
  •   Provides ideas and suggestions to improve work processesImpact
  •   Assists in stewardship of archival materials
  •   Contributes to a positive experience through provision of customer service
  •   Contributes to the accuracy and timelines of work unit deliverables, work product, andrecords and archival services
  •   Contributes to completion of work unit activities through completion of sequencedtasks/workflow
  •   Contributes to the management of liability and risk mitigation for the university through thedevelopment and compliance with sound records management and retention policies and practices

Leadership and Development of Others

 Trains new employees with tasks, duties, practices, and processes

Physical, Visual, Auditory, and Concentration Demands

 Uses keyboard, mouse, computers/tablet, and other technology devices
 Maintains situational awareness within records storage spaces for health and safety

 Responds to interruptions to workflow that impact concentration demands

Working Environment

 Works in office environment, records storage areas, and records vault

 Exposure to dust and particulates