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Student Volunteer

Closes on Friday, July 03, 2020
UofT Mississauga Library

Project Description

The University of Toronto Mississauga Library is seeking an MI student summer volunteer.

Working together with 2 University of Toronto Mississauga librarians and a faculty member, the
successful candidate will be responsible for creating an index for the 2nd edition of an
eTextbook. Training will be provided.

This is a multi-year project and is the first open access eTextbook at the University of Toronto
Mississauga. It has involved undergraduate and graduate students and the 1st edition was
funded by eCampus Ontario.

A current student registered in an MI degree with an interest in eTextbooks.

Expected Outcomes
– Gain an understanding of eTextbooks and the processes involved in updating and maintaining them
– Develop indexing skills and experience
– Experience working with two librarians and a faculty member


Minimum 105 hours with a flexible schedule.  All work can be completed remotely.

How to apply:

Interested applicants to submit a Cover Letter and Resume to Jessica Hanley, Science Liaison Librarian, via e-mail: