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Technical Associate ( Entry Level)

Closes on Thursday, December 20, 2018
Toronto, ON
Technical Associate ( Entry Level)
As a DNS Trainee you will be paid to learn a valuable technical skill and be given access to a tremendous array of resources to help you grow both personally and professionally.  Your success will be rewarded with achievement bonuses, guaranteed (and significant) salary increases, and a path to a very rewarding and challenging career.
In return, you will commit to the training program that is being provided.  You will be held accountable for your level of engagement, performance, and attitude throughout the program, and there will be frequent reviews of your progress to ensure that you stay on track and have what it takes to be a BlueCat DNS expert.
At any point in the program if the engagement, performance, and attitude aren’t there we’ll try to put a plan in place to help you, but in the end you’ve got to show you have what it takes to succeed in this program, and only you can do that!
The Program
Here is a quick summary of the phases of this program and the expectations we have of you at each stop along the journey:
Classroom Training (12 Weeks)
During classroom training you will be exposed to deep technical training around DNS.  What is it?  Why is it important?  How does it work?  What does it mean to our customers?  What does BlueCat offer their customers?
During this training you will be expected to build out a lab environment using BlueCat’s Enterprise DNS solutions.  You will be provided with appropriate resources and assistance to complete this, and your work will be reviewed by one of our DNS gurus to see what you learned and how you went about the task.  That assessment is your gateway to the next level of training – Field Time.
Field Time (13 Weeks)
Now that you know how to spell DNS and make it happen you will have a chance to see BlueCat in action as you shadow some of the functions that make up the Field Engagement team, specifically our technical sales team and our professional services team.  You’ll spend time with each function to learn DNS to an even greater degree, and along the way you’ll take some of our advanced training, including how to migrate customers from “other” DNS solutions to Enterprise DNS.
At the end of this segment you are in for a real challenge – Migration Lab.  Migration Lab is a real-life scenario where you will migrate a simulated customer from a legacy DNS solution to BlueCat.  But it isn’t going to be easy, because our DNS experts have planted some surprises that you’ll have to overcome along the way.  You might need to try this a couple of times!  But once you conquer the Lab it’s time to make it real.
Field Assignment
Now that you’ve graduated from the training segments it is time to hit the road with our teams to see what you can do.  You’ll spend four months with our Enterprise Solutions team learning how to get creative with DNS and find crazy ways to leverage Enterprise DNS to bring value to our customers.  From there you’ll spend time with our consultants working on real migration or integration projects as a billable resource.  This is where you’ll get the true view of what we do as you help migrate huge enterprises to BlueCat flawlessly and with no disruption.  Finally, you’ll learn what it is like to “carry a bag” as a sales resource, teaching our customers and prospective customers what the real value of Enterprise DNS is, and how we can solve their problems better than anyone else.
At each stop along this one-year rotation you’ll be reviewed for your technical capabilities, effort, engagement, attitude, and potential.  If something goes wrong along the way we’ll put a plan in place to make it right so that you can continue your journey.
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