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A Video Series that REALLY Teaches How to Write

Submitted on Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Associate Professor Jenna Hartel recently published a new video series, Writing-Up Research as Thematic Narrative, at INFIDEOS, her YouTube channel. It contains 14 short episodes on authoring qualitative or ethnographic research. The series addresses the complexity of social scientific narratives, which are multi-perspective and multivocal. While all the examples of writing in the collection are drawn from Information Science, these fundamental techniques easily transfer to other disciplines. Read more

The featured approach is based upon a strategy outlined in the book Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes by Robert Emerson, Rachel Fretz, and Linda Shaw (1995). “I have elaborated and creatively illustrated their ideas, making them more accessible to students across the social sciences,” says Hartel.

The 14 episodes are cumulative and need to be watched in order. There are interactive worksheets and other learning resources, available as links in the description boxes below the videos.

The series also features personal accounts from two Faculty of Information graduates, Hailey Siracky and Hugh Samson, who provide inspiring firsthand perspectives on applying these ideas in their own theses. Writing-Up Research as Thematic Narrative is ideal for graduate students and early career scholars, working in the qualitative or ethnographic neighborhood, who are not yet well-versed in writing and publishing. Anyone who edits social scientific writing might also be interested in watching.