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Alan Stanbridge publishes new book on history and development of jazz

Submitted on Thursday, March 30, 2023

Congratulations to Professor Alan Stanbridge on the publication of his new book, Rhythm Changes: Jazz, Culture, Discourse.

Stanbridge’s book takes its title from the expression used by jazz musicians to refer to the ubiquitous chord changes of George and Ira Gershwin’s celebrated song, ‘I Got Rhythm’, from the 1930 Broadway musical Girl Crazy. The book offers a unique perspective on the history and development of jazz, addressing the music, its makers, and its social and cultural contexts, as well as the various discourses – especially those of academic analysis and journalistic criticism – that have served to influence the creation, interpretation, and reception of this distinctive cultural form.

Each chapter of the book is accompanied by a Spotify Playlist, containing the vast majority of the music mentioned in the book, listed in the order it appears in the text – over six hundred and fifty tracks. You can access the Playlists here.

You can visit Stanbridge’s website for further information on the book.

The book is now available in Hardback and eBook formats, and can be ordered directly from the Routledge website – save 20% with discount code ESA31, until 30th June!cover of book rhythm change: jazz, culture, discourse