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Applications for Massey College – Updated with 2019 Open Houses for Prospective Junior Fellows

Submitted on Monday, January 21, 2019

Massey College will open soon the applications to become a junior fellow of the college for the year 2019-2020.

Massey is one of the colleges of the University of Toronto (like UC, Victoria, Trinity, Knox, or Innis) but, unlike the others, its membership is open to graduate students of the university from across faculties and divisions. The college is located on 4 Devonshire Place and proposes two kinds of fellowships that last for up to five years, depending on how long the fellow remains a student of the U of T (the prices listed are for this year so they are likely to increase a bit the next one):

Resident Junior Fellowship

The college has sixty rooms in its premises which consist of a private bedroom, a private studio, and a shared washroom. Besides the rental, the fees also cover three meals a day, Monday to Saturday, and access to all the facilities and events of the college. Depending on the payment options, the prices can range from $13,200 to $13,800 for the academic year. These fees only cover the months of September to April since, like the other colleges of the university, Massey becomes a summer residence for the remaining months. Also, a student can only be a resident for three consecutive or non-consecutive years, but the fellowship can still last for up to five years. Each year the college will admit 20-25 new residents.

Non-Resident Junior Fellowship

For an annual fee of $830, a non-resident junior fellow can have access to the college facilities, private carrels, and lockers. Plus, the charges include a weekly meal, a discounted rate for the restaurant ($5 and $9 for an all-you-can-eat breakfast and lunch and $13 for the regular diners), and access to the college events. The college has 82 non-resident junior fellows and around 30-35 new spots per year.

Benefits of the fellowship

24 hour access to the college facilities that include:

  • The dining hall
  • The junior common room (and bar)
  • Two libraries
  • Carrels and lockers for non-residents
  • An equipped kitchen & laundry room
  • A leisure room with a pool table, a TV, video games, darts, and foosball

A variety of scholarships including:

  • Up to $800 travel bursary for conferences and field work
  • Full residence scholarship or up to $5000 discount in annual residence fees
  • $300-$400 in meals for non-resident fellows
  • This means that, in case of financial need, JFs can even receive more money from the college than what they pay in fees!

Access to the college events including:

  • The bi-weekly formal High Table dinners
  • The Junior Fellow Lecture Series
  • Book, Music, and Movie & TV clubs
  • Countless events organized by the many student committees

You will need a cover letter, a CV, two letters of reference, your previous grades, and proof of your enrolment in the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

For complete information on the application process, go to:

The college will offer tours of the facilities on March/April, so stay tuned!

UPDATE as of March 4, 2019:

Massey College 2019 Open Houses for Prospective Junior Fellows
Massey College is opening its doors to prospective Junior Fellows. Massey College is a graduate students’ residential community affiliated with, but independent from, the University of Toronto. It provides a unique, diverse and intellectual environment for graduate students of distinguished ability in all disciplines to share in a rich and stimulating community.

2019 Open Houses will be held in March. These Open Houses are a chance for prospective Fellows to ask questions, tour the facilities and meet one another.

Register for an upcoming Open House on:

Thursday, March 14th at 5pm:

Saturday, March 16th at 10:30am:

Thursday, March 28th at 5pm:

For those who do not live in Toronto, we are holding an ongoing Virtual Open House, beginning March 14th:

UPDATE as of April 16, 2019:

*LAST* 2019 Open House: Monday, April 22nd at 5pm:
This Open House is a chance for prospective Fellows to ask questions, tour the facilities and meet one another.

Application are now open. Deadline to apply is May 6, 2019.

See the flyer, which briefly outlines the history of Massey College and the difference between Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows.

The application process will start in early April, with the deadline for applications due the first week of May, 2019.


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