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April finishers/June 2018 Graduation Information – Intent to Convocate form opens on March 1st

Submitted on Thursday, February 15, 2018

If you will be completing the requirements for your degree by end of April 2018, you are an “April finisher” and must graduate in June 2018 either in absentia (no ceremony) or with participation in the official Convocation ceremony held at Con Hall. Please read the following information/timeline thoroughly and follow-up with the required steps in a timely manner:

1. Submit the online iSchool Intent to Convocate form between March 1st and April 1st to be reviewed for graduation eligbility. The form opens on March 1st.

  • Even though you are still currently wrapping up your final courses this winter term, do not wait until your winter grades are available on ACORN (May 16, 2018) to submit the form.
  • Based on your notification to the iSchool via our internal ItC form, we will submit your degree recommendation to SGS by their deadline of April 20th.

2. Fees

  • Check your online ACORN invoice.
  • Around March, you will see Summer 2018 fees posted to your account. Do not pay fees for the Summer 2018 session.

Full-time, Two-year students:

  • Summer 2018 fees, including any interest that may accrue, will be removed late-April 2018 in the weeks following April 20, 2018 (the date by which Degree Recommendations will be submitted to SGS), but until you are assessed and cleared for convocation late-April, these fees are displayed on your account.
  • It may take a few weeks after April 20th to clear your account, please do not worry.

Part-time students and Full-time students who are finishing earlier than the regular full-time period of 2 years:

  • Summer 2018 fees will also be removed late-April 2018, however:
  • You will likely have a Balance of Degree Fee that will be assessed by SGS and posted separately to your account closer to the date of convocation.
  • Check your ACORN invoice and pay the Balance of Degree fee once posted, if applicable.

3. Name Changes
Verify that the spelling of your name is correct as it appears in ACORN – this is the name that will appear on your diploma. Deadline for changes in time for June 2018 convocation: March 22, 2018.

4. Degree Recommendations
All Degree Recommendations will be submitted by iSchool Student Services to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) by April 20, 2018. You will receive a notification email to your UTmail+ account from iSchool’s account once this has been done – this is your official notice/confirmation that you will be graduating. The Office of Convocation will email information on ordering your gown/hood and RSVP’ing/ordering guest tickets closer to convocation.

5. Wrapping Up
Continue to check your UTmail+ email account. Promptly follow-up on instructions you may receive from iSchool Student Services, the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), or the Office of Convocation. Find detailed information at: the iSchool page on Graduation and the SGS page on Graduation & Convocation. June graduands will be removed from student email listservs after June 14th.

6. Grad Photos
CanGrad will be at the iSchool and SGS in April 2018 to take graduation portraits. See full details at: June 2018 graduation portraits at the iSchool and at SGS.

  • iSchool Dates: April 13th & April 24th 2018
  • SGS Dates: March 21st, April 25th, April 26th, May 3rd, May 4th, May 8th, May 9th, May 10th 2018

7. June Graduation 

Graduation in absentia (no ceremony):
See details on how to pick up your diploma as of June 26th

Graduation with Convocation Ceremony:
See June 2018 Convocation Ceremony Dates

MI, MMSt and Diploma
Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Convocation Hall

: Thursday, June 7, 2018
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: Convocation Hall 

iSchool Reception:
Invitation to the iSchool Convocation Reception, to follow by email (normally takes place immediately after the Master’s Convocation Ceremony) 

Helpful tips and reminders:

8. Continue to Learn!
Recent grads (up to 24 months from graduation date) are eligible for a Course credit of up to $750 for New Grads at UofT’s School of Continuing Studies.

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