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Career Trends & Events – September 22, 2020

Submitted on Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Career Advice For College Students Navigating The New Normal

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Event: Career Workshop: Know Your Employment Rights
Date: September 25, 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
About:  It is important to stay informed about your employment rights, especially now during the time of COVID19.

  • What legal rights do you have in applying for a job, accepting a job offer, and leaving a job?
  • How can you navigate these situations with potential, new, and former employers?

In this session, facilitators with legal expertise from the Downtown Legal Services Employment Law Division will provide information and examples to deepen your understanding your employment rights, to support you in making more informed employment decisions. Registration: Virtual /Online Offering. To register click here.

Event: Making Sense of the World: Global Careers Edition
Date: September 28th, 2020, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
About:  Join this panel discussion and networking event where we create space for dialogue in learning how to consider and tackle mounting challenges from the lens of practitioners, leaders and community experts. Registration: Register on CLNx.

Event: Making Sense of the World: Tech That Changes The World
Date: October 2nd, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
About:  Join the International Student Centre and the Department of Student Life as we embark on a journey of making sense of the world in an era of uncertainty and change. In a virtual world brought on by COVID-19, how do we balance the urgency for creating a better world in a ‘new normal’!

This event will feature guest speaker Hosni Zaouali – CEO of Tech-AdaptiKa and Consultant at Stanford University passionate about social change, artificial intelligence and technology! Hosni will be sharing inspirational lessons from his life and work alongside addressing questions about leadership and technology focused on making sense of the world and creating global change! Registration: Register on CLNx.

Event: Music Library Association Webinar
Organization: Music Library Association
Date: September 29, 12:00-1:00pm
Registration: Please RSVP here by Friday, September 25 at 5:00pm to receive the link to join the session. 

About the Music Library Association
The Music Library Association (MLA) is the professional association for music libraries and librarianship in the United States and the US branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML). Founded in 1931, MLA has an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades. Complementing the Association’s national and international activities are ten regional chapters that carry out its programs on the local level. MLA publishes the journal Notes, the world’s leading journal in its field. More information can be found at

About the Speaker: Lisa Shiota, Publicity & Outreach Officer
Lisa Shiota is the Publicity & Outreach Officer of the Music Library Association. As Publicity & Outreach Officer, she promotes the interests and activities of the Association at conferences, schools, and through its social media. Lisa is a music cataloger at the Library of Congress and performs with various musical groups in the Washington, DC area.

About the Presentation
This short presentation is an introduction to music librarianship: what the responsibilities of a music librarian are, what qualifications are needed to become a music librarian, and what kinds of jobs are available. An overview of the Music Library Association will also be presented. 


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