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Preliminary Course Offering for Summer 2019

Submitted on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

We have a preliminary draft of the courses that we intend to offer in the summer. Please know that we still may need to make changes, but wanted to provide a preview of our intended offerings. Specific days and times are still being determined.

Summer Term Dates:
First Session: Monday, May 6 to Friday, June 28
Second Session: Tuesday, July 2 to Friday, August 23
Full Session: Monday, May 6 to Friday, August 23

Course Code Title
MSL3000H Internship
INF 1344H Introduction to Statistics for Data Science
INF2040H Project Management
INF2173H Information Professional Practicum
INF2170H Information Architecture
INF1003H Information Systems, Services and Design
INF1325H Online Information Retrieval
INF2332H Information Behaviour
INFXXXXH Special topics: Library Test Kitchen (pending approval)
INF2145H Creation and Organization of Bibliographic Records
INF2110H Design and Evaluation of Information Literacy Programs
INF2325H Launching Information Ventures
INF1343H Data Modeling and Database Design
INF1331H Archival Arrangement and Description
INF2129H Graphic Novels & Comic Books in the Library
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