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Exhibition Season Gets Underway for Museum Studies Students

Submitted on Friday, April 09, 2021

Exhibition season at the Faculty of Information has begun. The first of 19 exhibitions to launch is Picturing Politics: Cartoons, Caricatures, and Propaganda — an online exhibition curated by Museum Studies students Brooke Downey, Sophia Germond, Bronwyn Graham, Octavian Ion, and Zihan Xu in partnership with the Archives of Ontario.

The exhibit uses the work of political cartoonist Newton McConnell to critically examine the vision of Canadian history and identity that was crafted by early 20th Century editorial cartoonists while also providing meaningful entry points to discussing our present.

Picturing Politics Exhibition Project

Picturing Politics is one of 19 exhibition projects developed by Museum Studies students over the course of an academic year made especially challenging by the Covid-19 pandemic

Exhibition Project is a full year course for Museum Studies and Combined Degree Program students, who work in small groups or individually to develop a project, often an exhibition, in partnership with cultural institutions, community organizations or university programs.

Given the pandemic, this has been a year with many challenges, said Prof Agnieszka Chalas, who teaches the Exhibition Project course. “I think this group has absolutely outdone themselves and hope that you agree … (and) are as impressed by their work as as I am.”

More exhibits will be featured as they launch in coming weeks.

Here are some exhibits that have already been unveiled:

Scrolling Spadina