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Faculty New Briefs: Hartel and Andritsos win international awards

Submitted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Associate Professor Jenna Hartel has won an ASIS&T Lecture Series Award which will take her to Guangdong, China’s Sun Yat-sen University later this year. Her visit to the School of Information Management (SIM) will have three elements that culminate in the ASIS&T Lecture.

First, she will oversee an arts-informed research project at SIM to capture visual conceptions of information. Second, she will lead a workshop to analyze the images alongside her hosts, creating a bilateral exchange about the nature of information. Third, she will deliver her lecture, entitled The Red Thread of Information.

Hartel’s goal is to initiate a more culturally and geographically expansive vision of information science that integrates North American and Chinese perspectives. Her visit will introduce new, creative research methods to the SIM community and showcase ASIS&T’s contribution to scholarly cooperation worldwide.


For his work in partnership with Bertil Chapuis and Benoit Garbinato, Assistant Professor Periklis Andritsos has won the 2017 Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Data Sciences and Systems. The winning paper was titled “An Efficient Type-Agnostic Approach for Finding Subsequences in Data” and was presented at the annual conference in Bangkok last December.


Meanwhile, closer to home, Professor Leslie Shade’s Privacy Stories! was named one of 15 Scholars-in-Residence projects by the Jackman Humanities Institute. In May 2018, each project will bring five undergraduate students from across disciplines at the St. George and UT-Mississauga campuses together to participate in academic research.

Application details can be found here


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