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Fugitive Spaces: a Teaching and Learning Symposium

Submitted on Monday, May 06, 2019

In the introduction to Stefano Harney and Fred Moten’s The Undercommons, Jack Halberstam writes that the project of fugitive planning is about reaching out to find connection in those places and institutions that would rather see us broken. “The honour of the fugitive community,” write Harney and Moten, “The opposite of professionalization is that criminal impulse to steal from professions, from the university, with neither apologies nor malice” (2013, 40).

On May 28th, join “Fugitive Spaces”, a rogue teaching and learning symposium that is a response, without apologies or malice, to those places of teaching and learning that work to keep student voices at the margins. What possibilities open up when we recenter the voices and needs of the very students universities are allegedly built around and for, yet continue to devalue and derail? What insights do precariously employed faculty and graduate students bring to these conversations? Where does critical, feminist, anti-racist, and queer teaching exist outside the university classroom? And what lessons do these fugitive spaces, teachers, and learners have to impart on how best to survive the neoliberal university and all the brokenness/possibility that entails?

This symposium is a


ACCESS NOTE (More details on the FB event)

The Jackman Humanities Building is located across the street from St. George subway station (110 meters away). At the subway station, there is an escalator leading up to the St. George St. exit, but unfortunately the elevator is located at the Bedford St. exit (250 meters from the JHB).

  • There no steps leading into the building.
  • There are working e-doors for both entrances and exits.
  • The event is held on one flat level with no interior stairs.
  • All aisles and passageways have wheelchair clearance and turn around space.
  • There are three single-use washrooms on the first floor, one of which is wheelchair accessible.
  • We request that the event be kept scent-free.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to provide ASL interpretation or CART at this time.
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