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Gradlife Advisory Committee Membership 2019/20

Submitted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Gradlife is looking for 6-8 current graduate students from a mix of the 4 divisions to participate on the Gradlife Advisory Committee for 2019/20. (St George)

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide feedback around Gradlife programs, communications and resources for graduate students that are offered within Gradlife and/or the division of Student Life. The focus will be on evaluating current programming and communications, suggesting ways to improve how and what we offer as well as providing direction for new projects.

Goals and Objectives:
Review the Gradlife Program and indicate successes, challenges, areas for improvement.
Review existing outreach to graduate students and indicate successes, challenges and areas for development.
Review programs such as Grad Escapes, Grad Talk series, Grad Connections as well as any larger special programs that are delivered. (Grad Orientations, grad tours, Grad Experience Week)
Review resources for graduate students such as the Gradlife website, the blog and the Essential Guide for Grad Students publication.
Review larger special events and gather feedback on future directions.

4 two hour meetings (September, November, January and March)

The first meeting will be on September 30,  4-6pm.

CCR Recognition:
Students who attend all 4 meetings will receive credit.

Interested? Email Jennifer at by September 20, 2019 with a paragraph on why you want to be on this committee.

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