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Human Centred Data Science – Concentrations available on ACORN

Submitted on Monday, April 08, 2019

As of April 5th, the Human Centred Data Science (HCDS) concentration is available on the ACORN for Master’s student selection.

Update April 10th: Choose the Fall 20199 session starting July 2019.
(It is not open for Summer 20195)

To switch concentrations, follow these instructions [from Enrolment & Registration > Course Loads > Change of Concentrations via ACORN]:

  1. Under ‘Enrol and Manage’ – choose ‘Programs’.
  2. Use the gear-wheel icon to either ‘Add program’ or ‘Drop program’ for the concentration you intend to add/drop.
  3. A prompt asking you to confirm action will appear. Click ‘Add’ or ‘Drop’ to confirm action.


  • While the Faculty of Information uses the term “concentration” or “Area of Study”, ACORN uses the term “programs”.
  • The Co-op option requires a successful application before you may add the Co-op concentration. We will be monitoring the addition of the Co-op concentration and deleting if it hasn’t been approved, please add it only after you’ve successfully been accepted into the Co-op.
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