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Legal Design Lab (LAW7107H) Available for Winter 2019 Enrollment – Co-Taught By Our Own Dan Ryan

Submitted on Monday, December 17, 2018

Faculty of Information professor Dan Ryan is co-teaching (with Gillian Hadfield of UofT Law) a course called “Legal Design Lab” next semester.  They have a video course trailer in addition to this course description:

Legal Design Lab operates as a workshop/incubator in which students of law, engineering, business, information,  and design generate legal innovations that address a problem worth solving such as improving access to justice, building regulatory regimes that can better handle global digital business and artificial intelligence, or providing better platforms for people in poor and developing countries to connect to the global economy or protect human rights. Students will learn to use and implement the tools of human-centred design to bring fresh thinking to the challenges we face in our legal systems. Working in teams, students will develop working prototypes of solutions such as transactional platforms, smartphone apps, or services that address a significant legal need or problem. The final project will be a pitch to (fictional or real) stakeholders who need to be convinced to adopt the solution, such as investors, users, judges or regulators.

The required fall reading course, “Problems in Legal Design” can be waived for those who read through the text for that course, Professor Hadfield’s Rules for a Flat World prior to the course and write a short statement of a legal/justice problem worth solving for the first class.

Students in the Faculty of Information will need to fill out a Drop/Add form (using the graduate course number  LAW1707H). The course will meet Wednesday’s 4:15-6:30 in the UX Design Studio (Bissell Building, Room 116, BL116).  Any questions, get in touch with Dan Ryan via email (

Check out the video course trailer below:


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