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Museum Studies: Discovering Historic Newfoundland

Submitted on Thursday, September 02, 2021

Through This Lens – an exhibition curated by 2020 Museum Studies Alumnus Sabryna Ruggles Ekstein and presented in partnership with Artscape Youngplace, features photography by Sabryna’s grandfather, Charles Frederick Ruggles – a royal photographer for Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Newfoundland in 1951, and whose work has been published on a national stamp.  

During the late 1940s and and early 1950s, Ruggles’ photography of Newfoundland helped develop the province’s early visual identity. Sabryna curated this exhibit to showcase never before seen photographs of St. John’s and rural Newfoundland, depicting scenes of a changing city, rugged countryside, and the province. 

Learn more about the exhibition here: 

Exhibition Project is a full year course for Museum Studies students who work in small groups or individually to develop a project, often an exhibition, in partnership with cultural institutions, community organizations or university programs.  

More exhibits will be featured as they launch in coming weeks.  

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