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Museum Studies: Illustrating Plant Life

Submitted on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

AGNES: Illustrating Canadian Wildflowers and Plant Life — a digital exhibition curated by Museum Studies students Alynese Nightingale and Chloé Houde, in partnership with Heritage York.

This exhibition explores the life and legacy of Agnes Dunbar Moodie Fitzgibbon Chamberlin, a botanical illustrator who, along with her family, influenced the emerging field of botanical studies in nineteenth-century Canada. It will take you through Agnes’ impacts on the emerging field of botany, her life as a settler in Canada, and the story of how her and her family’s work inspired future generations of authors and artists.

Agnes drew inspiration from many places for her illustrations of flowers and plants, and one of the most significant was along the Humber River in York Township, in what is now known as Toronto. Heritage York honours Agnes and celebrates her legacy in the Humber River area with the annual Aggie’s Wildflowers Walk.

You can view the exhibition here:

Exhibition Project is a full year course for Museum Studies students, who work in small groups or individually to develop a project, often an exhibition, in partnership with cultural institutions, community organizations or university programs.

More exhibits will be featured as they launch in coming weeks.

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