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New Faculty Research Report focuses on data science

Submitted on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Faculty of Information is pleased to bring you the first in a series of research reports, which detail what our professors and scholars are up to. Earlier this year, with the launch of the University’s Data Sciences Institute, we wanted to put the focus on the human-centred data science research carried out at the Faculty. Along with covering a key Covid-related data science initiative, the Research Report will introduce you to some of the innovative and important research being conducted by our newest faculty members. And finally to show we’re about far more than Data Science, we’ve included a special section on the most recent books published by our professors.

Faculty of Information Research Report Data Science

For the next Research Report, to be published early next year, we will be focusing on our scholars’ work in the Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage fields. You can get a hint of what’s to come from this UofT News article about the University’s Critical Digital Humanities Initiative, which launched earlier this year and aims to bring together researchers from a variety of fields to analyze and unpack power and social justice from a historical perspective. Among other things, the article covers Museum Studies Professor Cara Krmpotich’s work to digitally reunite thousands of Indigenous artifacts from the Great Lakes region with the communities who once created them, as well as Professor Patrick Keilty’s project to fill in a gap in the historical record related to sex work, sexuality, and pleasure. Keilty is the archives director of the Sexual Representation Collection, the largest collection of adult film and sex work history in Canada with an emphasis on feminist, queer, trans and kink cultures.

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