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Registration by Fee Payment or Fee Deferral

Submitted on Tuesday, July 02, 2019

To be considered fully registered, please ensure you either i) pay or ii) defer your fees by September 13, 2019. Students not registered by September 13th will be deregistered and have their courses cancelled. Students who register after September 13th will need need to complete the online late registration form and online payment via the SGS Portal. They will be charged a late registration fee  of $44.00 in order to register.

i) Pay Fees – Pay-by-Session Option
The Minimum Payment to Register is: Arrears + 100% of Fall tuition fees.

Students may pay tuition fees by session. Though the full year amount is displayed on ACORN invoices, you may pay each session separately. Note the deadline dates to avoid Interest/Service Charges of 1.5% per month.

ii) Make Arrangements to Register Without Payment (Fee Deferrals)

a) Request to Register Without Payment based on government loans:

Note: Students receiving a Major Award (OGS, SSHRC, UofT Fellowship) defer fees using the SGS Register Without Payment (Fee Deferral) Fall
– please do not defer online even if receiving a government loan. Further instructions below in option B below.

  • If you’re taking out an OSAP loan or other government financial assistance (ie: Canada/provincial student loan or US loan) you must defer your fees online via ACORN by September 13, 2019.
  • This online deferral will allow students who have completed an OSAP/Goverment Student Aid application to register without payment and defer their fall fee payment deadline to September 30, 2019.
  • Any remaining balance after October 15th accumulates Interest/Service Charges of 1.5% per month until the amount is paid off. More information is available on the Student Accounts site. Also see UofT Fee Payment & Service Charge Deadlines.
  • The Electronic Fee Deferral will be available to students who are expecting to receive government financial aid based on the following:

1. OSAP students: On the basis of a submitted OSAP application – this applies to both full and part-time OSAP students.
2. Out of Province students: Submission of proof of funding assessment from your home province to Enrolment Services. Send this to Enrolment Services at:
3. US Students: Submission of a US Funding application, following the directions on the Enrolment Services website (
4. Noah Meltz part-time grant applicants: Students who have completed an online Meltz application (expected launch date: early August).

Generally the fee deferral is available within 2-3 days of submission of an application.

  • Electronic Fee Deferral opened on ACORN July 16th and will remain open until the SGS registration deadline (September 13, 2019).

1. Log into ACORN
2. Go to the “Financial Account” section
3. Click “OSAP/Govt” Deferral button

  • Students will know immediately if their deferral request is successful and the application will be noted in your activity log. If your tuition fee deferral application is successful, ACORN will change your status from “INVIT” (invited to register) to “REG” (registered).

Manual Fee Deferrals
If you are expecting full-time funding but are unable to access the ACORN electronic fee deferral, submit a Manual Fee Deferral form and proof of student aid funding greater than $0 to iSchool Student Services.

The best screenshot to provide as proof of student aid funding is the student funding screen which contains details of the disbursement and the status of the application. This funding screen usually becomes available for students to view once an assessment has been made.

Students with OSAP questions may contact Enrolment Services at: 416-978-2190, email or drop by the front desk at 172 St. George Street.

b) Register without payment on the basis of Scholarship or Award

  • Students who have received an approved* Major Scholarship or Award may have their tuition fees deferred by September 13, 2019, if the award amount exceeds the Minimum Payment to Register amount on the student’s ACORN invoice.
  • Fill out the Register Without Payment (Fee Deferral) Fall 2019 form and submit to iSchool Student Services. If approved, final payment will be due by April 30, 2020.
  • Please email iSchool Student Services if you have any questions regarding your eligibility or the fee deferral process.

*Eligible major awards/scholarships include: UofT/iSchool Fellowships, OGS, SSHRC/CGS-M, etc., Graduate Student Major Award, Research Stipend or Teaching Assistantship or Graduate Financial Support from Departmental or Principal Investigator Research Funding.

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